a tough weekend

Just a tough weekend.
This afternoon I said goodbye to one of my best friends at the airport. As a man I shouldn’t be too emotional but this time it is very hard for me to control my feelings. Hope he’ll have a good time in California, and I really hope he can grow up to a man.
In the past 6 years, i made few friends. Yes I had many acquaintances, many coworkers, many fellows, but I don’t have a lot of friends. I’m not that kind of easy going person–or, i “pretend” I’m easy going but actually I am not.
Argh my brain is not functional again and I don’t know what I am talking about but I will just keep recording my feelings.

  • Greencard. I’ll say I am still working on this and that and I kind have a feeling that my performance is not maximized. I started this job @ 5/2013, and it has been 3 years. This past May I talked with Kay and I was granted an opportunity of getting an employment green card on it. For me, it means something. It means I am very lucky to have this privilege—as a humanity major graduate, I am always the lone survivors everywhere. getting a job, got a h1b lottery, and moving towards a green card. For those CS adn STEM students, that might be way easier since they have 3 years of OPT; and for me I have to precisely calculate everything. Luckily, I’m getting the best result so far.
  • day-time work: hard. From my understanding, the job I am doing right now requires 3/10 of my knowledge—if we are talking about how to make a video, an audio clips, a brochure, a poster; but it also requires way more than I can provide mentally. I am not sure whether I took this job too seriously or what, but being an advocate/case manager is beyond my mental limit. As a Chinese, the reason why I move to the United States is because I want to be mentally and financially free; however after seeing something here in the US society, I am not sure whether I am strong enough to handle my life here. Racism, anti-immigration, myths and stereotypes towards Asian/Chinese, and Chinese can’t handle themselves as a group. I feel good that second generation (they call themselves 1st generation because they are born here) is working on a path that few of us first generation immigrants have been fought on—-to fight for a better system—but i do feel that I can’t find good models!!! There aren’t many people like me. I am not saying I’m unique ( I hate being that unique regarding on identity), I am just saying: male, h1b, non-profit, communication studies, albuqeurque—-I have no models to follow. Kay is helping me on some of the issues but she’s my boss and I sense that I am walking on the edge there to be to close to her (again, it’s my problem, not hers, I think she’s trying to help me without reserve). I need either find another mentor or a counselor.
  • Family: I am trying to help my parents with business stuff. Sold 1 small machine in the June and earned me about 20K; sold another mesh belt and earned almost 6k for them. Now my goal is to sell another to a US company in October. I just really hope they will be healthy. They are too tired. And my wife—our relationship is getting better. I think she starts to feel how weird life is after living here for a while; and I am adapting a better way to communicate with her. She got her first job as a student. I feel very proud of her. She handled her life pretty well, and that really helped me a lot.
  • Relationships (other): I’m glad I met Alex. well at first he gave me a so-so first impression (my problem: I have problem trusting white people? fml?), but he’s very open and sincere with me. He taught me how to use guns, and he has been very supportive regarding me, as a non-immigrant status buying a gun; he has a Chinese girlfriend (I totally support his relationship with Ding) so he knows better Chinese stuff. And he’s young—he’s only 26. But the most important thing is, he’s very open minded—or, mentally more “fluid”, like me. Besides we share a lot of common things like video games, points of views to hot issues, and ways of doing stuff. Well since I have an ego problem I really need to know my boundary with new friends, and I hope I won’t ruin this one.
  • MATERIAL: I was trying to save some money but now i’m like wtf i don’t care. I don’t have a plan to buy a house here in Albuquerque; I need a pistol to practice my 7/10/17 yards selling (and, BSO to my friends); I also need a subaru WRX to show that I’m not a Chinese loser. I’d rather be seen as a “stupid rich Chinese guy” other than “a financially so-so Chinese guy”. (sigh i do sound like a loser..)
  • MASCULINITY: I need work on this part. which I mean I need to have a stronger body (or at least upper body) to shoot more precisely. Swimming feels good! Good!!! GOOD!!!!

Wow I do feel better after writing all these crap. Woohoo!

move forward slowly but steady

It has been almost 4 months since last time updating my tech blog. Many things happened: Work content changed a lot, personal career goal changed a lot, and way of living change…a bit.

So good I still have this little place to record some notes. Right now i’m working on a fullstack admin project with 1 friend. The program just launched, the site map was created, workflow initialized, and may things need to be done.


Angular JS, bower, npm, node.js

Time to move forward on this route. Was a little bit confused about these concept: Everything is (not) working and I don’t know why.

Angular JS: open-source web application framework maintained by google and some communities. and as a framework, Angular JS is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications (those two are called web application frameworks), web services and web resources. Many frameworks provide libraries for database access, templating frameworks and session management, and often promote code reuse.  So from my understanding AngularJS is like home depot provides all the stuff you need to build a home but you need to have a clear mind so you know what you are doing.

Bower: from its website it says: “Websites are made of lots of things–frameworks, libraries, assets, and utitlites. Bower manages all these things for you. ”
So Bower is like your personal servant (when you can afford one) to build a house. It won’t provide any useful thoughts but it will do the job of management: Whether your deduct tape is still in storage, how many nails do you have, do you have enough materials to build a door? It will provide you all details of the number, status and quality of your tools and materials. Under web context, frameworks, libraries, assets, utilities, and rainbows. So differ from Angular, Bower is optional but not mandatory under most situation, but it will improve your efficiency.

NPM: same as Bower but it comes wiht NodeJS. This means you don’t have lot of choices when you use it: it’s Default and it’s with NodeJS.

NodeJS: is an cross-platform runtime environment(a mini-OS to let most program language RUN) for developing server-side web application. Node.js applications are written in JS and can be run within the Node.js runtime on a wide variety of platforms.
Imagine Java: Java is not supported by windows so if you want to run some java-based program, you either have to 1) tell the programmer to code the software and pack it under a certain format so your target OS can execute it, however it will be very difficult if this software is cross-platform. so you can also 2) provide just a runtime environment, just imagine it as a mini-OS based on your current OS, and once it’s installed any original Java software can run on it.
Thus in this way, NodeJS is a runtime environment so once it’s installed, most Node.JS apps can run on it. neat.

Identify one aspect that distinguishes JS frameworks from libraries:
Inversion of control.

Angular directives extend

Difference between library and frameworks:
A library is a collection of functions which are useful when writing web apps. Your code is in charge and it calls into the library when it sees fit. i.e. JQuery.

Frameworks: A particular implementation of web application, where your code fills in the details. The frame works is in charge and it calls into your code when it needs something app specific.

Still a little bit confused.


10 years

Q:How long will it take for a regular Chinese citizen to get U.S. permanent residency via student visa?

A: I just did a calculation this afternoon and the answer is ~10 years. 10 fucking years. here is the timeline:

  • Finish your M.A. degree. this usually will take 1.5~3 years. In my case it took 3 years since I changed my major (from one black hole to another);
  • File your OPT EAD card and you can work in the U.S. legally (also under restriction) for 12 month – 29 month, depends on whether you are a STEM student or a regular humanity/art/management student. In my case I only have 12 month.
  • Get your working visa lottery. the total quote is 65,000+20,000, your chance as a undergrad is ~30%; as master’s or higher you will get ~50% – ~70%;
  • Usually after you got your h1B you can ask your employer to apply EB2/EB3, aka employment-based immigration. In this procedure, you need to file i140 form to show noone in the U.S. can get your job, and then you will be issued a LCA, aka labor certification. this procedure will take about roughly 9 – 12 month;
  • Once you have your LCA ready, submit everything to immigration and you will get a priority date, this means you now officially are the on waiting list.
  • For those Chinese who were born in China, you have to wait for 3~4.5 years for your final notice about your PR status.

So: 3 years in school + 1 year opt + 1 year waiting + 1 year preparation for LCA +~4 years waiting = 10 years.

10 fucking years. how many 10 years do I have?

10/21 Learning Notes

Not a lot happened in the past week. However here are some deadlines need to pay attention:

  1. End of tomorrow: finish a new tech resume and send it to Glenn;
  2. End of Friday: finish the PL/SQL homework;
  3. End of Sunday: keep up with the deadline of Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools. Nothing special this week most of them is bootstrap.


Need to figure out how to embed JS into WP post

Today I made a bad attempt—-tried to use a quick “existed” JQ to make a pie chart and then embed it into a wordpress post. Failed, of course.

  1. The “text” function within WP is just a </body>, or less than that. I tried to utilize a plug-in called code embed to make it possible but it seems code embed only support youtube/videos. No way to JS script. I need to lookinto iframe to figure out how to display one complete HTML page within another one.
  2. bootstrap is very easy and fun. Just back to couple years ago when I was still a wp user (well now I’m still, a WP user), i was wondering, why all theme look like this, and it seems bootstrap plays a very critical and friendly roles here.Capture

Do keep pursuing this. It’s flatly guaranteed to succeed, as long as you have the drive, and I know you do.

Hello world! (*3)

Actually this is my third time “doing” a website. Oh wait, this is just my “third” notebook.

The first one was using the same name, “John Yoker”. Little trivia–the name is a Chinese-based name, which originally means “a guy just passed by”. On that website I recorded tons photographic stuff (just one picture style), and some regular teenager mumblings.  That site went down at the third year since I had a very stable relationship with my current wife and many old stuff no longer mattered.

The second website was a very short-term project. I purchased the domain, www.lavinda.net but never used it until 4th or 5th month. I put some python learning notes there. Back to that time I spent too much time working with a team trying to fix some server problems. But python—python is good, but after couple months’ learning I found I can’t use it, or I can’t use it that much in my daily job. Disregard all these excuses, that site went dark as well.

And now I’m back to this original point again. Still plan to keep the whole thing low profile—silence is gold.  Just talk to myself, the purposes of this blog are:

  • As a new everyday learning notebook to those languages: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Angular JS, Node JS; Oracle SQL, MySql and NoSql. PHP/Python–I’m not sure. Won’t say no if  i have to use these but they are not on the top of the whole list.
  • achieve some functions and put them as my portfolio;
  • Personal notes.